September 24, 2018

Finding the Good Connections Mixer


Finding the Good Connections Mixer

Our kick-off for the 2018 Fall Season will be held on the beautiful grounds of Marymound, one of the longest running charitable organizations in Manitoba.

Join us for some 'picnic-style' games and activities, as well as a tour of the incredible Marymound facility. This is sure to be a fun, and valuable networking event!

If you've been attending business events in Winnipeg for quite some time, you've probably been there, done that. Our events put an entirely new spin on the concept of networking. We're different and perhaps a little unusual, so here's what you should expect in attending one of our events:

Unique Venues & Experiences

We know our members our busy so we design experiences and choose venues that will catch their attention. Whether it be events like exotic car racing, participating as extras on the set of a TV show, exploring invitation-only private venues, or event conquering escape rooms, every single TEN event puts a unique spin on the networking concept, ensuring the events are welcoming, fun, and leave long-lasting impressions on our members.

Our Format is No Format

One of the challenges with networking events is that networking is usually the appetizer, and a speaker or other program is the main course. We feel the exact opposite - that networking should be about letting people connect without interruption. So when you attend an event, expect to spend most of your time making new connections by networking freely, with only a few brief remarks from TEN on the event concept and other related items. The TEN team members are always there to help introduce you to people that have a particular interest or are in a particular industry you are looking for so, even if it is your first event, you will fit in right away.

A Thoughtful Menu

We have all been to a networking event where the venue served chicken wings. Is there possibly a more difficult and messy food to eat when meeting new people and trying to carry on a conversation? Each of our events have a carefully thought-out menu to maximize the networking experience. No sit-down dinners or lunches - this causes people to stay put and not venture outside their table to meet new people. No served appetizers - the wait staff often interrupt conversation to offer their food to guests. No open bar - alcohol, despite offering some liquid courage to our more shy members, can cause some people to not 'put their best foot forward' and create a disruptive environment for guests, so we serve a variety of non-alcoholic beverages. Ranging from light and healty to gourmet and indulgent, our event menus are served buffet style to maximize 'churn' in the room, and don't detract from the networking experience.

Friendly, Like-minded Executives & Entrepreneurs

Despite the business success many of our members have experienced, this is not a pretentious, status-seeking group. Our members love to have fun, meet new people and share ideas in a casual and interesting environment.

No Salespeople or Multi-Level-Marketing

We restrict our event attendees to decision-makers: business owners, executive directors, CEO / CFO / COO / CMO / CIO level positions, Vice-Presidents, Directors and other management. This changes our event's atmosphere from that of 'all fishermen and no fish' - where everyone wants to sell and nobody wants to buy - to where business leads can gather and talk business without the dreaded hard sell at, or after the events.

It's not a 'Meat Market', it's about Building Relationships

If you're looking for somewhere to pass out as many business cards as you possibly can, our events are not the place for you! Through our FORGE, we do all the selling for you, so relax and come enjoy meeting great people and building long-lasting relationships.

September 24, 2018

5:30 - 7:30PM

Marymound Grounds

442 Scotia Street
Winnipeg, MB (Map)

A Light Meal

Your ticket includes access to a light meal and beverages at no additional cost.


FREE for TEN Members
Future Members: $25 + GST