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TEN Launches Winnipeg's First Fractional Ownership Exotic Car Club!

Article by TEN Staff April 18, 2017 Announcement


TEN & Nott Autocorp Team up to launch Winnipeg's First-ever Fractional-Ownership Exotic Car Club

April 18, 2017

Winnipeg, Manitoba: Lamborghini, Ferrari, Maserati – these are just three car brands that are not often seen on the streets of Winnipeg. President and Founder of Today’s Executive Network Inc (TEN, formerly known as the Manitoba Executive Group), Glen Buhler, hopes to change that: soon Winnipeggers will be able to access eight (8) $100,000+ cars for less than 1/5th of the price of owning a single sports car, without the headaches of maintenance, insurance or storage during the winter months.

"If you've been in the business community here in Winnipeg long enough, you've seen and done pretty much experienced every type of business event that there is here," Buhler explains, “Our goal with TEN when we launched a couple years ago was to bring brand new concepts forward to get executives and entrepreneurs in this city to connect and network. I believe the concept of buying 8 or more outrageous exotic and high-end luxury cars for our members to drive at their convenience certainly qualifies!"

While this may seem like a daring concept, the concept of fractional ownership car clubs are thriving in Toronto, Vancouver and throughout the United States. Members purchase a package based on how much they would like to drive, and then arrange for one of over a dozen cars or SUVs to be dropped on their driveway for a night on the town, entertaining a client, or just the thrill of driving.

This idea immediately caught the attention of Trevor Nott, President of Nott Autocorp. "For the past 10 years our mantra has always been buy smart, unique luxury for less. We have had the pleasure of assisting many clients purchase and service their dream cars over the years."

"This type of business has been on my radar ever since we expanded our primary business to our new state of the art 290,00 square foot indoor sales showroom and service centre at 1322 Waverley Street."

"Glen and I met originally many years ago when he became a BMW client of ours in our early years and with us both being car nuts we hit it off and stayed in touch ever since. This is a match made in Winnipeg car heaven. Glen's large Executive Network membership combined with my experienced, award-winning staff and huge luxury client base means we will likely grow to have a long wait list of prospective members."

"I'm born and raised a very proud Winnipegger - being able to cultivate and expand the exotic car culture here beyond our main retail business to a new and exciting shared group ownership concept is Winnipeg smart! This venture really excites me because it's uniquely fresh and aligns perfectly with my life's motto, 1 plus 1 equals 3. In this new club's case Glen and I are the 1 plus 1 equaling 50, compounded to 50 lucky club members soon to be proudly cruising in our Province. Why Nott?"

Buhler is bullish on the concept, which is why he and Nott will be investing a significant sum in making this dream a reality. “Every industry is in the process of being disrupted – why not the ownership of high-end vehicles? We see tremendous demand for this concept, however we will be limiting membership to 50 lucky individuals and businesses. After all, it’s exciting to see a Ferrari parked on Corydon because it is a rare sight and we don’t want to change that. We will add to the excitement for our exclusive group of members because finally they are the ones behind the wheel."

Learn more about Exotic Drivers Club at http://exoticdriversclub.ca/