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Profile: Paradigm Consulting Group

Article by TEN Staff November 30, 2016 Profile


There comes a time when every business could use a little extra help. Paradigm Consulting Group has been that helping hand for over 25 years. "We provide professional services in the areas of project management, business analysis, change management, software application development and system architecture," explains Mark Hustak, President and CEO.

"We help companies manage the risk of large capital projects." Much of Paradigm's work involves helping businesses improve their processes, and the company specializes in implementing significant changes within an organization, usually in the form of IT solutions.

Hustak has noticed that many businesses attempt large projects with only their existing employees, which causes stress as staff struggle to cram more tasks into already busy days. "We're often asked to come in and assist with a long-existing project," he says. "We bring in expertise and focus."

Paradigm was founded in Regina in 1990. Hustak joined the company in 1997 and founded the Winnipeg office in early 2000. He is the only remaining founding partner at Paradigm, and says there are a number of clients who have been with the company longer than he has.

"We have clients that have been with us for 25 years. It's all about the long-standing relationships we have with our clients - we really get to know them," he says. "We've worked with customers for so long that they constantly come back to us when they need help. Building those relationships is what it's all about."

The company currently serves 44 clients, most of which are government agencies or larger organizations in the insurance, health-care, utilities and telecommunication fields. Hustak says it's Paradigm's 150 experienced consultants that make all the difference.

"We've been able to hire employees with a unique set of skills that are second to none in the industry," he says. "The people we have are very experienced in this market. They've traveled all over the world, but now they want to deliver their skills locally."

Hiring local consultants is a huge advantage, especially in markets like Regina and Winnipeg, he adds. "We're not fly-in consultants," he says. "Sometimes the best consultants are available locally."

In 2014, Paradigm merged with Ontario-based Smart Employee Benefits Inc. (SEB), a move Hustak credits with the company's continued growth. The merger allows Paradigm to offer its clients solutions for health care and employee benefits and wellness programs.

In addition to being President and CEO of Paradigm, Hustak is also leading SEB's Technology Division, which includes five additional companies across Canada.

"Paradigm has traditionally been a professional services company, but a lot of our clients were looking for a more comprehensive solution," he says. "SEB has helped deepen our expertise in delivering value-added solutions, including decision management and business intelligence around big data. This relationship has opened up many new opportunities for Paradigm. It gives us national reach."

While Paradigm has grown substantially over the years, Hustak says it remains humble, able to connect with employees and clients on a personal basis. "We're not a large organization. We're not an IBM. The people we hire really make a difference in our company and always will. That's the service we provide - our people."

For more information on Paradigm Consulting Group, visit: http://paradigm-seb.com

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