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Profile: OConnor Business Brokers

Article by TEN Staff February 22, 2017 Profile


Find Your Ideal Business - Broker helps buyers and Sellers

If you enjoy a quiet dinner out with friends, don't invite Brad O'Connor along. He admits that he finds it tough to relax and enjoy a restaurant meal because he's tempted to critique the business. Having once owned four local restaurants, Brad can speak from experience.

He now runs OConnor Business Brokers & Consultants, a Consumer Choice Award Winner - Manitoba's Top Business Broker from 2013 to 2016. The company helps business owners sell their businesses, and it helps individuals who are looking to buy a business. It also offers consulting services mainly related to business startups, growth strategy, expansion and franchising.

Brad has worked with all types and sizes of businesses. He began his career in his early twenties, when he worked as a store manager for Future Shop. He then opened a Blimpie Subs franchise, and received an International Rookie Franchise of the Year award.

"I have been in business for over 20 years, in various sectors. I have created and built a number of successful businesses. Throughout those years, I would often be asked for assistance or advice from other business owners that were starting up, or established and not performing as well as they would like to. This informal consulting is how the consulting side began," he says.

"The real-world business experience that I possess is a benefit as I can directly relate to the business owners' experience and can provide solutions. Having experienced both the good and bad in the business world has paid dividends, and provided me the opportunity to guide business owners in the right direction, and show them how to get there and achieve their goals," he adds.

Since opening OConnor Business Brokers & Consultants in 2009, Brad has grown the brokerage side considerably, having sold a wide variety of businesses, including a snow removal company, pharmacies, a tool distributor, clinic, and an ice cream shop.

He starts by assessing a business to gauge its profitability and sustainability, and not all make the cut. "I look at a business and right away I see areas for improvement," he says.

He and his employees are able to work with owners to help them make the changes needed to increase their business's sales value, and he keeps an eye on market conditions so he can advise them on the best time to sell. While helping the business seller, he also advises business buyers.

"We work to match buyers with specific businesses, taking into account profits, individual skill-set, price, and a multitude of other factors," he says. "We represent both the buyer and seller, and must put together terms that satisfy both sides in order to successfully complete a transaction. It is a very complex process."

Most of the company's work is performed within the Manitoba market, although Brad and his staff work with buyers and investors from around the world, and with sellers throughout North America.

"The majority of our clients find us through word-of-mouth and referrals. This is a testament to the quality of our work. I feel that we provide a service that no one else in the province provides," he says. "The unique, multi-faceted approach, our business experience, the positive outcomes and our level of passion for what we do have led to our success."

For more information on OConnor Business Brokers & Consultants, visit: http://www.oconnorbusinessbrokers.com

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