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Where will your New Year's Resolution take you?

Article by TEN Staff January 2, 2017 Announcement


We've been doing this for 4,000 years. How are you going to do it differently?

Chances are pretty good that four or five days ago you did something that mankind has been doing in one way or another for over 4,000 years - setting a New Year's Resolution. The practice actually started in Ancient Babylon, hoping to gain favour from above while planting their new crops.

I can't say for sure whether or not it was a New Year's Resolution that caused a group of English business men in 1666 to commit to travelling to the New World and establishing trade in the Hudson's Bay, but it was sure a brave goal. Two years later, they purchased a ship - the Nonsuch - purchased supplies, hired a crew and set sail on a 116 day journey to through the unknown to establish trade and commerce as the Hudson Bay Company.

Now I'm not sure how bold your plans for the new year are - perhaps you've decided to play it safe and commit to losing a few pounds, look for a new job, learn a new skill, or marginally increase your sales - but I wonder how many of us are unafraid to set truly monumental goals, like Radisson and des Groseilliers who initiated that voyage.

If you are one of those brave souls who are looking to chart a new course this year and make your mark on the world, I would encourage you to join us on January 19th at the Manitoba Museum for a tour of the Nonsuch Gallery and an inspiring networking event that is the first step on a journey toward a life-changing year.

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P.S. OK, now for a brief history lesson about the New Year Resolution and its practice. The Babylonians celebrated the new year in March, where as the early Egyptians celebrated the start of a new year during the annual flood of the Nile. The Romans under Julius Ceasar were the first to celebrate the New Year on January 1st in 46 BC, and eventually this became the most popular practice in 1582 when Pope Gregory XIII introduced the Gregorian calendar. Over the millennia, setting New Year's Resolutions have gone from being a purely religious practice to a nearly ubiquitous custom.

P.P.S. For some light reading on the Nonsuch and an opportunity to actually see a copy of the ledger entry where HBC purchased the vessel from Sir William Warren, (I bet you can't guess how much it cost!) click here http://www.hbcheritage.ca/hbcheritage/history/transportation/nonsuch/home

- Glen Buhler
President & Founder
Today's Executive Network Inc.