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Article by TEN Staff January 11, 2017 Profile


Every business owner dreams of saving time and money, while boosting productivity and exceeding customer expectations.

Patrick Ilett, of IQ9000, makes it his business to bring those dreams to fruition. In today's consumer-driven market, remaining competitive is paramount. Whether it's a small startup or a large established company, every business can benefit from adopting streamlined processes and internationally recognized standards.

IQ9000 provides the tools to implement, register and run quality management (or improvement) systems, specifically ISO 9001. The system outlines customer-focused business processes, procedures, and responsibilities for achieving quality objectives and establishing policy standards. In layman's terms, IQ9000 helps businesses establish practices that keep all aspects of the organization running optimally, meet globalized standards for credibility and identify and solve problems as they arise.

Ilett says people often focus on finances instead of the big picture, and that's a mistake. "If you're losing money, that's not the problem - it's just a symptom of a problem," he says.

Identifying and resolving issues in ways that generate increased revenue, or save money, is just one way a quality management system (QMS) can benefit a business. Ilett has more than 30 years' experience in quality improvement and he offers three types of services, sharing his knowledge through consulting and auditing as well as hands-on training courses.

IQ9000 uses quality management systems as well as the Lean and Six Sigma methodologies to help companies foster a culture of continuous improvement and to solve specific problems.

"A quality management system provides improvement by defining strategic goals and objectives with a standardized continuous improvement structure, whereas Lean is concerned with wanting to reduce waste out of our processes - incremental change, ongoing. Giving empowerment to the people who are actually doing the tasks on a day-to-day basis, looking for little things that can make it better each time," he says.

"Six Sigma is about (identifying) specific issues through define, measure, analyze, improve and control - radical change. We're going to totally eliminate the problem."

These strategies are often used in the agriculture, automotive, aerospace, and mining industries, but quality improvement is not limited to these fields. Hotels, accountants, lawyers, architects and government departments use QMS to establish organization-wide directives, which in turn improve processes, reduce waste, lower costs, engage staff and enhance sustainability and transparency initiatives.

Organizations Ilett works with are usually at an expansion stage; looking to move into a new market, introduce a new product line or just move to the next level within their business growth. He helps put structures in place to make the transition as smooth as possible so they can manage growth without suffering growing pains.

Startups also benefit greatly from mapping out business directives from the very beginning. And IQ9000 offers clear, comprehensive methods to put - and keep - businesses on the right track.

"When you look at the programs of the associations, they're all trying to sell little bits of training for managers to have strategic direction or how to do human resources," Ilett says. "But they're all piecemeal and the organization would have to sort out how to make meaning of it for themselves, whereas (with a) quality management system all that is laid out for them."

By selecting the right tools to meet the unique requirements of individual organizations, IQ9000 tailors each program to ensure customer satisfaction and increase profitability.

For more information on IQ9000, visit: https://www.iq9000.com/

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