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Which questions would you ask a Top CEO?

Article by TEN Staff January 9, 2017 Announcement


Which questions would you ask a top CEO?

Have you ever found yourself wishing you had access to people who have gone certain journeys before you, so you could avoid a costly and problematic detour?

Well on January 19th at the Manitoba Museum, both you and I will have the opportunity to ask top CEOs those questions we've got on leadership, strategy, vision and more. At our 'Voyage to Opportunity' event, we will have a panel of 7 of Winnipeg's top CEOs will be answering YOUR questions, live at the event.

These CEOs include:

  • Andrew Yorke, CEO of Manitoba Blue Cross
  • Klaus Lahr, CEO of the RBC Convention Centre
  • Marina James, CEO of WinnipegRealtors and past CEO of Economic Development Winnipeg
  • Jan Lederman, President of Innovate Manitoba and past Partner at TDS Law (retired)
  • Josee Lemoine, President at Pivot Performance
  • Michael McMullen, past Chairman of the Canadian Chambers of Commerce and Billion Dollar executive
  • Karen Fonseth, CEO of DASCH Inc

Tickets are just $25 + GST and include a night of networking, exploring the Nonsuch Gallery at the Manitoba Museum, a culinary experience, plus the opportunity to connect with these CEOs.

Get your tickets today: http://discoverten.ca/event/bigger-or-better-event/

So which questions would you ask a top CEO?