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Profile: Adrent Financial and Retirement Group

Article by TEN Staff January 18, 2017 Profile


The Ardent Financial and Retirement Group is rooted in the qualities its name suggests - passionately dedicated to its clients. After a number of years in the benefits and pension consulting business, Bryan Grom created the Ardent Financial Group and Ardent Retirement Group in 2006. Bryan is extremely proud of creating central Canada's largest independent benefits consulting firm.

"I believe the key to growth, and retention of clients, is our in-house expertise, coupled with tremendous leverage through our large client base, allowing Ardent to create proprietary insurance and investment products that serve the needs of both our local and international clientele."

The team at Ardent holds true the values of independence, accountability, technical excellence and innovation when it comes to working with its clients. The transparency in which they work with each individual client is what drew in the newest member, Kristina Yurkiw, to the team.

"There are significant long-term relationships that Ardent has built with some of Central Canada's leading employers. It's that devotion that really resonated with me," she says.

Group benefits specialist Kim McLarty joined the Ardent Financial team nearly seven years ago. It was the appreciation of being truly independent that drew her in.

"We don't have ties to any one insurance company," she says. "Each client we work with is unique, so we work with them to find an insurance company that meets their needs."

Technical excellence, coupled with strong client partnerships, is something that senior consultant Tracey Desloges remains impressed with. Through this, the Ardent team is able to address some very unique needs. "For example, many of our clients have a growing need for international business travel insurance that isn't adequately covered by traditional insurance products," Desloges says. "We can use our technical strength to create proprietary products and then deliver quality services exclusively to our clients."

The need for unique solutions and proprietary products doesn't only associate to group benefits. Carla Grom, president of the Ardent Retirement Group, takes pride in providing socially responsible investment options for group retirement clients. "We worked with several of our clients to come up with the first socially responsible asset allocation fund in a group plan," Grom says.

"Since then, we've continued to develop really cutting-edge, socially responsible investment options for our group clients that are available exclusively through us. We're proud of that and it's something very unique about us."

Developing a deep level of customer support is important on all sides of the Ardent Financial Group. However, this is something that Christine Sass has really excelled with for the Ardent Retirement Group.

"I travel and go on location to meet one-on-one with individual clients, as well as providing support by email or phone. In each meeting, spouses are encouraged to attend. We'll go over their full financials, not just their group plan, to see how everything fits together."

With clients from Northwest Ontario to B.C., Cathy Heatherington serves as vice-president in Alberta. Her clients are pleased with Ardent's dedicated approach, especially for Albertans who are facing difficult economic situations.

"With every Ardent proposal that I've worked on," she explains, "we've been far and away impressing Alberta-based businesses."

Likewise, group benefits consultant Bev Fritschy is impressed with the company's client-focused approach. "We do everything in our clients' best interest. That's our Number 1 job here," she says. "Any client should be happy to come here and know that that's exactly what we do for them."

Every step of the way, the Ardent Financial and Ardent Retirement Group focuses on the need of its clients - and holds insurance and investment companies accountable for the services they provide.

For more information on Ardent Financial, visit: http://ardentfinancial.ca/

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