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Special Event Announcement: Profit in Plain Sight with Anne C. Graham

Article by TEN Staff April 26, 2017 Announcement


The 9 Massive Mindest Shifts That Pave the Path to Profit

This Interactive Elements Include:

  • Why the conventional approach of increasing revenue is often the least profitable strategy a business can pursue... and what to do instead
  • Why conventional approaches to cutting costs often shrink profits instead of growing them... and a powerful alternative
  • How conventional accounting practices hinder rather than help in the quest for profit... and how one simple, seismic shift changes everything.

Usually, discussions about profitability are fraught with accounting-speak centered around a plethora of conventional financial ratios. Not so in this fun and engaging session! In addition to exploring the mindset shifts, Anne provides 3 powerful AHA! Moments that help leaders set the bar higher: an uncommon benchmarking tool and two unique ratios that never show up on a conventional KPI report. With those 3 tools serving as a powerful scoreboard, leaders finally have everything they need to engage employees in playing the game of creating a highly profitable company by automatically behaving like owners.

Participants will be inspired, motivated, and transformed by seeing what is really possible for their business in a whole new way. However, as the devil is in the details of effectively implementing change for take-it-to-the-bank results, Anne will also share her P.R.O.F.I+T Playbook, providing Members with clear next steps to pave the path to profit.

Speaker Biography: Anne C. Graham is the #1 Bestselling Author of Profit in Plain Sight, a Speaker of the Year,and the Creator of ProfitU™, the innovative learn-by-doing system that reflects over 30 years of helping leaders increase profits 16-38% every quarter by making profitability an every day way of doing business.

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Get your tickets at http://discoverten.ca/event/profit-in-plain-sight/