January 2017 EVENT

Voyage to Opportunity Networking Mixer in Winnipeg, Manitoba

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Voyage to Opportunity Networking Mixer Concept

Brave explorers left England in 1668 to discover new opportunity. What they found would forever change the world. Which new lands will you discover in 2017?

A new year, a new world to conquer - and it all starts at our January 2017 Networking Mixer. Be inspired by the Nonsuch Gallery at the Manitoba Museum, exploring one of the finest replicas in the world and networking with the real deal - executives and entrepreneurs who are charting a new course to success.

Plus, as you are learning about our 'Bigger or Better' event series, where we will put you in teams who will work together to trade up to success - you won't want to miss this!

Special Bonus: To kick off the launch of our Executive 9-1-1 program, submit questions to some of the top CEOs in Manitoba, who will be at the event answering your business and leadership questions in a Live Q&A at the end of the event.

This Event Includes:

Executives & Entrepreneurs

Attendance is restricted to Entrepreneurs and those in a Senior Decision-Making capacity, including C-level Executives, Vice-Presidents, Executive Directors, Director-level executives, Senior Managers and established professionals (accountants, lawyers, architects, etc).
No sales representatives or Multi-Level-Marketing businesses permitted.

Networking & Team Building for a Good Cause

This is not just an event - this is an opportunity to reach out to connections old and new, to build relationships and put your negotiating skills to the test as you and your team trade up to the best item, that will be auctioned off for charity.

This is the perfect exercise for your sales team, or company to grow closer and become better networkers. Or, join a team of people you don't know and get to know them!

Refreshments & a Light Meal

Your event ticket includes a complimentary beverages, as well as a unique culinary experience - we have become known for our extravagant menus where there is something healthy for everyone.

Event Details


Thursday, January 19, 2017
5:30PM - 7:30PM

Date / Time


Manitoba Museum - Nonsuch Gallery
190 Rupert Avenue, Winnipeg, MB

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TEN+ Experience

Exclusive Meet & Greet with our CEO panelists

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