It's All About Connecting

Sure, you've been to networking events before. You've left the office early so you can battle rush-hour traffic to get the that hotel banquet room before so you could pass out business cards in hopes of finding a meaningful connection. When you arrive, you find the same old faces and the same old appetizers, and face the same old barrage of everyone trying to sell you their products or services.

Ready for a change?

We promise that you haven't seen events like ours before: our BUMP Mixers bring 80-120+ senior decision-makers together for an evening of interruption-free networking at unique venues. Our Generator Events break the mold by putting our members in the action by exposing them to new activities together, helping participating to build deep, long-lasting relationships with each other. And our Progress Dinners are a new twist on the typical business dinner, where you interact with - rather than just consume - relevant content to you and your business.

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Forge New Relationships

When is the last time the perfect prospect, partner or employee introduced themselves to you at a networking event? That's what we thought - it doesn't happen all that often. That's not to say that the right people aren't in the room, it's just that you have a hard time finding them.

Introducing our brand-new FORGE program where Lava Life meets business networking. This program is designed to get two members with coinciding needs and services or business interests to connect for a one-on-one meeting, in person or over the phone. This opt-in program provides our members up to 12 meetings per year, each of which will help forge valuable relationships, share ideas and grow their businesses. This is the perfect program for those too busy to attend every event, or perhaps those who know they need to network, but can get intimidated by a crowd of people.

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Introducing TEN+

An Invitation-Only Experience for Entrepreneurs and Executives with Larger Businesses

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Who's Your Support Line?

How many times have you gone to those in your network looking for answers to a business challenge, and ended up instead with a proposal? Tap into the collective knowledge, experience and network of over 1,300 executives and business by posting questions, polling members for market research, or asking for introductions through our innovative mobile application. Best of all, you can choose to post – and respond – anonymously if you so choose, so you can discuss those sensitive issues, such as those related to HR, finance, or strategy. So don’t rely on online discussion forums, Google® or YouTube®, or social media to get the help you need – get personal advice from local experts in a no-obligation format that is as easy as opening your member account on any computer, tablet or smart-phone. Because once you put out the fires in your business, you can put your energy into growth.

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Tradebank Winnipeg by TEN

Wouldn't it be great to be able to purchase what you are looking for by simply trading your goods or services? Historically, two companies directly exchanging products and services of equal value was the only way to experience the benefits of trade. At Tradebank, we provide a revolutionary barter tool for businesses throughout Canada. Tradebank is an extensive network of thousands of businesses, where all kinds of products and services are traded multi-directionally. No longer do companies have to search for one-to-one direct trade relationships.

Increase sales, cut costs and drive more profit to the bottom line with Tradebank Winnipeg.

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Winnipeg's First Fractional Ownership Exotic Car Club

How often do you get to sit behind the wheel of an exotic supercar and enjoy the last few moments of silence before rubber hits the road in a cloud of smoke? That's what we thought!

Join us in April 2017 for Winnipeg's first-ever Fractional Ownership Exotic Car Club where for just over $500 per month, you have the opportunity to drive the best from Lamborghini, Ferrari, Aston Martin, BMW, Maserati, Audi, Porsche and more.

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